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What is the current situation with the batteries, (Computer glitch)? and the distance available on the speedometer, regarding the 30kW Nissan Leaf? Someone said that Nissan would assist with any correction that maybe needed. Is this right?

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All that’s required is a software patch which currently Nissan New Zealand will attend for a small fee.  This from EV TALK written in June explains a little about it:


A software upgrade has been issued to fix the 2016 and 2017 Nissan Leaf 30kWh battery controller’s “inaccurate calculations” of state of health (SoH) and range.

This follows Nissan’s investigation into allegations of excessive degradation in Nissan Leaf 30kWh batteries, reported earlier this year by Flip the Fleet, a New Zealand coalition of electric and plug-in vehicle owners.

Flip the Fleet’s report was released on March 16, alleging some of the 30kWh Leaf battery packs at two years of age were reportedly degrading at about three times the rate of the 24kWh variant, and appeared to be accelerating. It notified Nissan.

One EV dealership here says the report has hurt EV dealers and has also hurt EV uptake in New Zealand.

The dealership spokesman, who declined to be named, says the company is hoping the software announcement will make Flip the Fleet’s report obsolete.

Flip the Fleet has been contacted for comment.

Nissan New Zealand managing director John Manley says: “We are aware of the report but as the vehicles reported to be involved were not sold new here in NZ we have no specific information.

“We are awaiting information from our parent company.”

Clean Fleet Report says the problem was diagnosed as a possible software issue with the battery controller providing inaccurate calculations used to determine the state of charge and the range available from the battery. Analysis and testing by Nissan identified that this was indeed the issue, it says, adding that a software update was issued to correct the inaccurate calculations.

Nissan’s 96-month/100,000-mile (160,930km) lithium-ion battery capacity coverage replaced (some) suspect batteries, Clean Fleet Report says. “But for some Leafs, one battery replacement was not enough, with the problem resurfacing not long after the replacement, necessitating a second new battery.”

Clean Fleet Report asked Nissan for clarification and got this statement.

“On June 6, 2018, Nissan began conducting a customer service campaign in North America to reprogram the lithium-ion battery controller in 2016 and 2017 model-year Leaf vehicles equipped with a 30kWh battery, to correct the calculation used for the battery capacity level gauge and distance remaining of the vehicle.

“The displayed vehicle range and battery capacity level gauge on these vehicles are displaying range and capacity that is lower than the actual amount. Reprogramming the controller will result in an accurate display of the Leafs battery capacity and trip range.

“This service campaign is open to all 2016 and 2017 Leafs regardless of mileage or if they have had their battery previously replaced. Owners should contact their local dealer to schedule the update. After the reprogramming, the balance of the original lithium-ion battery and battery capacity warranty will remain in effect for any customers who experience warrantable battery degradation.”

One New Zealand EV dealership is seeking further information from Nissan in Japan, including assurances the software upgrade will be available here.


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