Having recently retired after many years of importing and trading in motor vehicles, I became conscious of the fact that the cost of running a car for myself, and one for my wife Beth was significant. When the news that the Auckland City Council was to apply a Regional Fuel Tax to our fuel bill I decided to take a serious look at transport options.

I decided to import some electric vehicles as personal imports to evaluate them with a view to replacing our petrol engined cars with zero emission electric vehicles.  To that end I am now driving a 2015 Nissan eNV200 and Beth a 2016 30kw Nissan Leaf.  There are ‘Pros’ and ‘Cons’ to the exercise, some of which I will share on this website. The obvious upside is the fact that since taking ownership of these electric vehicles we’ve been nowhere near a gas station!  While not free to run, the cost of electricity to charge the two vehicles pales into insignificance when measured against what we were paying to fill the fuel tanks on our petrol engined cars.

Nick Mooney, my colleague in this enterprise, also took delivery of a 2015 Nissan eNV200 and is delighted with his purchase. Nick has agreed to share some of his EV experience through this website, some of which will no doubt be of help to those interested in these particular vehicles.

I am offering to assist anyone wanting to purchase an electric vehicle from Japan in particular, as a personal import. This is the most cost effective way to become the proud owner of a quality Japanese Electric Vehicle. After years of vehicle importing and trading used cars from Japan, I know how to navigate the process to find a vehicle that is high quality and value for money. I am thinking, in particular, of retirees like myself who have to watch there pennies. Get in touch with me through this website if you would like to know more about this opportunity.

Membership of this website is open to anybody who has an interest in electric vehicles. Owners of electric vehicles are welcome to join up and share their experiences with others; together we can help each other.

There is an opportunity on this website for private owners of electric vehicles to list their vehicles for sale. Feel free to list yours if you have one for sale, there are no listing fees applicable. Motor Vehicle Dealers are not permitted to list on this website.

This is a brand new website, built through July 2018 and launched in August 2018. It will take time for membership and information to build but I see a big upside for a site like this which is why I’ve gone to the trouble of establishing it.  I invite you to join up and contribute today; together we can build a getter world.

John Porteous


New Zealand


  • Hi John,

    Picked up your flyer at the recent EV Expo at the ASB showgrounds.
    I am a painter and decorator tradesman (almost retired) driving a Suzuki APV but am keen to replace it with an EV; probably a Nissan eNV200.

    Are you still importing EVs from Japan ? What’s the process if I want to import a van ?
    I was going to find an EV dealer in Auckland to buy a second hand van but your importing opportunity looks like a good way to go. Would appreciate your advice.

    Andrew Mundy
    Mundy & Sons Decorators

    • Hi Andrew, thanks for getting in touch.

      I imported a 2016 from Japan for evaluation which I have for sale now. It has done 18500km. Happy to bring it to you so you can have a look whenever it suits you. Otherwise I can help you import one from Japan if you prefer. These are hard to get at the Japanese auctions at the moment.

      Text or phone me on 021729963 if you prefer, I can bring the e-NZ200 for you to view any afternoon.



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